Commercial Roof Maintenance

Our Exclusive FourEver Roof® Preventative Maintenance Program offers many benefits & can help save you money.

A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way!

Your roof is the key component in protecting your building from adverse weather conditions and harsh elements.

Demand for this specialized service has soared as property managers & building owners are looking for long-term, cost effective solutions to extend the life of their roof & keep it functioning at its maximum capacity.


  • Prolongs the life of your roof
  • Helps prevent roof leaks and damage
  • Minimizes costs by identifying problem areas & addressing roof issues before they escalate
  • Most commercial roofing manufacturers require a roof to be maintained in order to keep the
    warranty in effect
  • Enables you to focus on more important facets of operating your business “Take the Worry out
    of Your Hands”

“If you don’t have a Preventative Maintenance Program in place, your annual roofing repair & maintenance costs can be four times greater than if you do have one.”
- RoofCare 2013 Industry Study

Examples of Services to be performed:

  • Clear roof drains
  • Check for roof defects
  • Inspect all flashings
  • Inspect skylights
  • Clean all loose debris
  • Clear gutters
  • Fill pitch pockets

Maintenance Schedule

Our professional team of roof maintenance experts will conduct visual inspections and perform scheduled maintenance on a bi-annual basis. The recommended seasons are in the Spring & Fall. There may be situations where additional maintenance is required such as after harsh weather conditions or upon any other tradesman performing work on roof, such as HVAC contractors.

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