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Is my property right for solar?

Every day more and more New Yorkers are seriously considering going solar. In New York, the most opportune angle of your roof to maximize your solar potential is approximately 181 Degrees (South), with a tilt of 37 degrees, with as little shading as possible on the roof.

If you’ve thought about going green, there are some important questions you should ask yourself such as:

  • What direction does your roof face? The azimuth, or direction, of your roof is most optimal for solar when it faces south, although west and eastern facing roofs may also work. Flat roof are especially ideal for solar, because we can face the panels in the proper direction with our racking systems. Our experts will be able to determine if your property is right for solar.
  • Would you consider putting solar on the front of your property if that was the portion that had the most southern exposure? We understand that some customers may have reservations about placing panels on the front of their homes and businesses. The newer style panels, however, are sleek and stylish, offering visual appeal. We work with you to design a system that is productive, profitable, and suits the property accordingly.
  • How much shading does your roof get during the course of the day? If there are trees on your property that shade your roof, trimming them or having them removed would help to maximize the production of your system.
  • Is there a lot of available roof space? Do you have a lot of obstructions, such as skylights, vent pipes, or attic fans? Removing or moving these obstructions would maximize the available roof space to allow more panels to be installed, thus increasing the production of your system. Our experts can provide recommendations on the solutions best fitted for you.
  • How old is your roof? Our solar PV systems are performance guaranteed for twenty-five years, so you want to make sure your roof will also last just as long. As a roofing company we can examine the condition of your current roof and determine if it is suitable for solar. We can also explain how to maximize savings by installing a new roof and solar systems in conjunction with one another.

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